Sex Sells - Hottest Brands on Instagram

Women have been used in marketing to sell products since the dawn of time. Previously considered purely for the male gaze, in modern advertising women are owning their sexuality as a mean's of appealing to other women as opposed to men (think Victoria's Secret), here at INCH we applaud and encourage women to feel unapologetically sexy in their own skin, and as an extension we wan't to celebrate other brands that do too. So, without further delay, welcome to the first instalment of #SexSells - your Instagram feed is about to get a whole lot hotter.


Bali Body

Bali Body Babe

Glow, Baby, Glow! Bali Body is a favourite for beach babes all over Instagram, their feed look's like the casting call for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition (Check it out here) and their products are natural and vegan - the perfect partner for your INCH Bikini


Lace by Tanaya 

Lace by Tanaya

This chick is as bad as they come. Tanaya Henry creates breathtaking handmade accessories for women who aren't afraid to show a little skin (think INCH by night) and promotes it with such fierce sexuality that it's hard not to become obsessed with her. The feed is truly an erotic and sometimes dark masterpiece, but don't take out word for it! Follow her here and thank us later.


Rat & Boa

Rat and Boa

Their sheer, skin baring designs have become a favourite with supermodels in particular, and their leather pieces often include subtle references to fetishism. Clearly not intended for the fainthearted, Rat and Boa utilise the stunning physique of co-founder Valentina Muntoni for their campaign imagery and much of their Instagram feed. Clearly comfortable in her own skin, Valentina has become an influencer in her own right, not just for her almost-feline poses.  




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