Life Lessons: What Disney was trying to teach us

Life Lessons: What Disney was trying to teach us

Disney movies never get old (Don’t fight us on this) and here at INCH Bikini HQ we realised that Disney classic’s aren’t just mini-chick-flicks about finding a prince.. they actually have some life lessons that are pretty relevant while we’re all grown up… sort of.


The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid: ALWAYS read the terms and conditions

The Lion King: Family doesn’t always want what’s best for you.. and never trust your creepy uncle… especially if his name is Scar

Pocahontas: Never put a guy before yourself/your family


Cinderella: If you lose a shoe at midnight you’re just drunk

Rapunzel: A haircut can completely change your life

Snow White: Living with 7 men is probably a bad idea. There’s a reason our girl needed an entire forest of animals to help keep up with the housework… 

Hercules: You can pretty much get away with anything (even destroying an entire city) as long as you become a god at the end (or look like a god?)… and that Hades is kinda relatable.


Aladdin: Always befriend the baddest b*tch in the room (Jafar was next level)

Aristocrats: In the immortal words of Marie “A Lady never start’s a fight but she can finish them” 

The Jungle Book: If they look and sound like a snake… they’re probably a snake.

101 Dalmations: Fake Fur is always better

Alice in Wonderland: Food is not the answer to all of life's problems. And if a rabbit is talking to you, you've got bigger things to worry about...